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        Candles that give back to charity, eco friendly, vegan, sustainable, sanctuaries, plant trees, natural soy wax, Confetti Candle Co.


        Confetti Candle Co raises awareness for charities with products that give back.  I love supporting organizations that are making a difference in the world. 

        Confetti Candle Co. has made donations to many charities, including the National Forest Foundation, One Tree Planted, Food Empowerment Project, Fruit Tree Planting Foundation, Woodstock Sanctuary, Direct Relief, Adopt a Reindeer Foundation, Oceanic Preservation Society, Sea Shepherd, and Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.  I also participated in an auction for Fluffy Butt Rescue and planted 250 trees in the United States with One Tree Planted.

          The donation associated with sales of each product is not tax-deductible to the purchaser.

          If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the charity program, please message me at